theolog cabin

Hosted by semfem, this is a warm, cozy place to curl up and ponder theological matters.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


As you can see, the Cabin has been neglected as of late. It's dusty and full of cobwebs and no sermons have come to live here for a while. It languished through fall and winter and into spring.

But now the weather is nice again, and soon it will be time to visit the Cabin again. I'm just pondering how we should get there, and how the place should be cleaned and organized.

The old after-Pentecost sermons need to be recategorized by Proper rather than as the Umpteenth Sunday after Pentecost. The rest of my internship sermons need to be excavated and re-named by liturgical day and Scripture. And in a way I am pondering whether I should continue to post sermons, and how I feel about the possibility of plagiarism.

Let's hope that with the slowdown of summer comes some time for me to attend to these things. For now, I encourage patience. Thanks.