Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Beret for Aunt Arlayne

Pattern from an old tattered piece of paper Grandma gave me
Cool Finnish mohair in bright purple (can't remember the brand), also donated by Grandma
Completed December 23, 2005
NEW SKILL: using double-pointed needles!

Not long ago, Grandma went through all her old crafty stuff and gave me a bunch of things she thought I would enjoy. As I pondered what I could make for Christmas gifts that were cheap to free, I thought, "Of course! That yarn is Husky purple and I could make the beret pattern that came with it!" (I am SO not a Husky fan, so this was a big concession for me.)

So, off I went. Overall I was pleased with how it turned out. It was slightly too big even for me, so I threaded some gold elastic string through the hatband since that matched the color scheme. The yarn did something unexpectedly beautiful--it started out definitely purple, then became more of an indigo blue, then went back to purple as I finished the very top. And the dpn's at the end were very tricky, so finally I sliced an old wine cork into six pieces and stuck them on the ends of the needles I wasn't using. Booyah! And the resulting star-like top was really cool.

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