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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome to theolog cabin!

Hi everyone, I'm semfem, and welcome to theolog cabin. Theolog cabin is a place where, poetically speaking, you can come to read deep thoughts and ponder the meaning of life. Prosaically speaking, it's a place where I will be posting my sermons and any other theological thoughts I want to share. I still have a lot to figure out about using Blogger, and more specifically about posting loooong posts like sermons, so thanks for your patience in advance.

You'll notice that I will post the date and place of each sermon in addition to the text. Each sermon is different depending on when and where it is preached, and the energy of the congregation has a great deal to do with its delivery. The congregation is the place where most of this theology has been done, and so the content is always in some part a group product, not my own doing. And so, I try to give credit to the communities that have made my own theological formation possible.

You'll also notice that I have disabled comments on this blog. To some degree this is because I am still searching for my most authentic theological voice and would like to concentrate on that in this blog. But mostly, I know that I would want to respond to each and every person with a well-considered, thoughtful and sensitive response, and there is no way I can commit to that! So...sorry for now folks, but no comments.

I think that's all I have to share right now. Prepare for the backlog of sermons to come. :)