Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Capelet #2 for Mom

Pattern found on Fuzzy Galore through a Google search
Moda Dea Wild! in Titanic
Completed mid-January 2006

For Mom's birthday last year, I made her the Town and Country capelet from the Lion Brand website. The pattern was all right (except I don't care for the big chunky rose), but I was not pleased with how the Homespun was wearing as she was wearing this pretty frequently to keep warm during the day.

So, for Christmas, I gave her the promise of a new capelet (and a bunch of dishcloths, which I'm slowly working on and probably won't post here unless they happen to be really cool). The Wild! fit the described yarn closely, came in some neat colors, and reminded me of my first experience knitting with Geisha...sort of like a yarn version of heroin. I had to adjust this particular pattern, as I started making the M-L size and about ten rows in it looked positively tiny. I did two more rows of brutally increasing and it was fine from there on out. Very simple and impressive.

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