Sunday, March 12, 2006

My own private Alaska

For the last month or so, on this coast and that, back and forth, I have been working on a blanket of snow that reminds me of tundra and northern lights.

This is Markku's baptismal blanket. It's a bit over halfway finished. Did I mention that his mother is having a baby shower thrown for her two weeks from today? And that's when I should be giving her this blanket in preparation for Markku? Yeah. I'm now kicking into knitting overdrive. Oh, and there's a hood to add as well.

At least I'm over the hump--the whole thing is knit on the bias and so the halfway point is also the slowest-feeling point because the rows are the widest. Now I can feel myself gaining momentum as the rows become shorter and go by more quickly.

Besides, I have something to look forward to.

Please excuse me now while I drool on the yarn. I should wash it off though, before using this to make Rianne's birthday present.

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