Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Massive Round-Up Coming

So, add one more baby to the mix--the neighbor's baby. I'm knitting as fast as I possibly can and still keep my job, people! I've got a slew of finished projects to add here, which will happen right after I post this. Ordered the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern...that's got to get here soon...that baby is due at the end of November...

Then we have a break until a friend who's due in April, but of course in the middle there is CHRISTMAS. Today I made my Christmas knit list. Very ambitious. Then I made the shopping list for all the yarn I will need to buy. Even more ambitious! We'll just do one small project at a time, I think. A lot of them would be cute for anybody, so I think I need to just work with what I can find easily.

Okay, now please feast your eyes on three completed baby sweaters...above. Voila! (Oh, and I'm now quickly knitting up the matching Peapod Hat. Super cute...and more so after I've had a break from that lace chart for a while.)

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