Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Massive Round-Up Coming

So, add one more baby to the mix--the neighbor's baby. I'm knitting as fast as I possibly can and still keep my job, people! I've got a slew of finished projects to add here, which will happen right after I post this. Ordered the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern...that's got to get here soon...that baby is due at the end of November...

Then we have a break until a friend who's due in April, but of course in the middle there is CHRISTMAS. Today I made my Christmas knit list. Very ambitious. Then I made the shopping list for all the yarn I will need to buy. Even more ambitious! We'll just do one small project at a time, I think. A lot of them would be cute for anybody, so I think I need to just work with what I can find easily.

Okay, now please feast your eyes on three completed baby sweaters...above. Voila! (Oh, and I'm now quickly knitting up the matching Peapod Hat. Super cute...and more so after I've had a break from that lace chart for a while.)

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dropped the needles

Well, I didn't really. After the move last May, I went on knitting hiatus for several months, but eventually I did find my things and started needlin' again. I even have several FOs since then.

But lo, real life intervened when it came time to update Needlin'. I have photos waiting to see the light of day, so hopefully in the coming summer months when things are supposed to slow down a little, I can post some of them and get back up to date. Included are my first two sweaters (baby sweaters, but exciting nonetheless) and my very first lace. I'm very proud of it.

Stay tuned!


Friday, February 10, 2006

Pitius, haltius, tortius

I'm sad that I'm not participating in Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics.

I thought too hard and too long about what would be the perfect project. If I was prepared to buy the yarn, I'd love to cut my Fair Isle teeth on the "Fairly Easy Fair Isle" cardigan in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. Everything else on my mental to-knit list didn't seem like enough of a challenge. I pondered knitting something fairly simple but large, taking quantity of output as my specific challenge, but that seemed contrary to the spirit of knitting excellence. Plus my next planned project was a crocheted baby blanket for Casey and Heikki's son Markku, so that seemed not quite right for the Knitting Olympics. (If I only crocheted, crocheting would be fine in my opinion...but otherwise it seemed I should knit.)

Well, now the situation has changed. The crochet pattern I wanted to use (and the myriad patterns I attempted afterward) proved a bad fit with the yarn of choice (Patons Be Mine). Crocheting in general is actually right out, because the yarn makes it impossible to see one's stitches. Several knitting patterns were not quite right either. Now the plan is to knit an ultra-simple baby blanket, since that seems to be what the yarn will support, but sadly I only have one skein at the moment.

So in this year's Knitting Olympics, you'll find me on the couch crocheting a dishcloth, swatching for this baby blanket, and maybe finishing Sonja's lace shawl, contentedly knitting along at home as a spectator. I just hope Yarn Harlot reprises her idea for Beijing 2008. That cardigan will still be waiting.

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