Friday, June 08, 2007

Neckwarmer for Edie

Pattern: from Barbara S. at First Lutheran in Vancouver
Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair in Denim Blue
Completed: sometime just before Christmas 2006

This should look familiar to you if you've read any back entries of Needlin'...I made this exact neckwarmer with the exact same yarn for my grandma the Christmas beforehand. It took a skein and a half of yarn, so I just bought another skein and used it all up to make another one.

It seemed appropriate to reprise Grandma's neckwarmer for Edie, as she is my delightful first-rate neighbor and very much a grandmotherly figure to me and to the whole neighborhood. She tells the juiciest stories about previous pastors, makes a mean scone, and always collects my mail when I'm away. Bless her heart.

Still not happy with the button choice here, though. Tried larger ones and it still isn't quite right.

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