Friday, June 08, 2007

Sweater for Danielle

Pattern: five-hour baby sweater (there are a million patterns out there if you Google it--I got a printout of one of these patterns from the local art co-op)
Little Lehigh in Sleepyhead
Completed: February 2007

This baby sweater is MUCH EASIER than the last one (which is already considered easy). The person at Clicking Needles suggested I use a double strand throughout, which created this really nice springy soft fabric that wasn't too heavy. The pattern is pretty plain, but I've seen more elaborate versions of the pattern since that might be good for a second go-round.

I really like Little Lehigh. It's produced locally, it's washable, it's a combo of cotton and acrylic, it's nice and soft and squooshy, and the colors are not too sickly pale or overdone. They are typical baby colors, but there's another version of the same yarn with a different name that has more grownup colors. I've added two skeins in green to the stash for when a fellow UO alum has a child.

After the tricky but cute hippo buttons on Lucia's sweater, I opted to put cute lavender ladybug buttons on this sweater but use them to cover up large snaps that can be easily fastened by parents on a squirming child. Good trick. Must remember. And no need to remember to knit in buttonholes. Everyone wins!

Dani is the daughter of one of my colleague friends and his wife, and they really appreciated this because a.) it's not pink, and b.) it doesn't say "princess" in any way, shape or form. They'd really like her to grow up to be a tomboy, and heartily approve of the ladybug buttons. I actually completed this and gave it to them well before she was born. I just met her...what a beautiful, mellow, charming, Zen little baby. It was a pleasure to knit for her.

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